Monday, Monday

My son’s birthday is this Thursday so for his present I bought him his first amp.  He has been taking guitar for a few months now and top on his wishlist was an amp for his 3/4 Strat guitar, followed closely by Mighty Beanz.  I am happy to provide the amp, Mighty Beanz will have to wait.  I still find it hard to believe my little boy will be 7 this week and even though he has a younger sister and an older sister,  he is still the one I worry over most.  He has asthma which I feel is the result of a virus he picked up as a toddler.  He was so sick, he lost weight and would sit listlessly on the couch all day.  That was almost 6 years ago and it still scares me, he’s had two visits to the children’s hospital where he’s had to spend a few days on oxygen.  He is smart, determined, full of energy and does not know how to control the volume of his voice when he is excited about a thought.  He frustrates us to no end,  but makes us laugh more often.  My little baby boy, who plans on moving to Hollywood to become famous, or Seattle.  Today he announced his plan to become the strongest man in the world, he will only play with his friends if they play tag because otherwise it would interfere with his training.  In my heart he is already a rockstar.

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