So many recipes, so little time

I acquire hobbies, I guess you could say it’s my hobby.  I was painting for awhile, then photography.  I dabbled in candle making, one Christmas I made homemade bath oils and soaps for the families.  For some reason, scrap booking has eluded me, but I did make a few photo books as gifts using and was happy with the results.  My latest venture is canning, it’s something no one in my immediate family does and I like the idea of feeding something to my family that I created.  Last Christmas my husband bought me a canning set complete with the giant Ball blue book of canning.  I have made several jams and a few jellies.  My least successful was the grape jelly that took over two weeks to set, but was eventually edible.  The best feeling was when I asked my son what kind of jelly he wanted.  He asked if we had anymore of that pineapple mango so I just went to the pantry and popped one open!  My husband has been following a strict diet lately and I’m being as supportive as I can, which means no undue temptation.  He is also my number one taster, so I couldn’t make jams without him!  His diet will be more forgiving in a couple of days and I have recipes in mind, starting with a pineapple jam.  He wants to try making pineapple empanadas with the jam and I can’t wait for that!  First though, finish with this last phase of his diet, survive mother-in-law’s visit this weekend, and a birthday party for my soon to be seven year old.

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