The Solar System

We have had another busy couple of weeks.  It seems they are all busy and I have yet to make any jellies or jams.  I did buy some new jars so I think that’s a start.

My two lovely daughters were in their first ice skating competitions so that meant a lot of practice ice, on top of my son’s first hockey season.  Austin, who would have known when we moved to the middle of Texas that we would become so involved in ice sports.  I would have expected it had we moved somewhere north or east.  My eldest daughter got second, out of two.  But I am so proud of her effort, she worked hard and went on with the show.  She does not like to be pushed or break a sweat so the fact that she did work as hard as she did and skated out there in front of judges and spectators makes me so proud of her.  My little one got first, out of the two girls in her age range.  She was excited to do it because of the new outfit she got to wear, and because she got to wear a little bit of lipstick and eyeshadow.

How does one keep up with a blog?  How do I choose which topic to write about?  I find myself thinking during the day “This would be great to write in my blog!”  But when I do sit down with some quiet time, I find I have so much I want to say that I give up before opening a new post.  Facebook calls my name, or any of the other blogs I follow.  Is it okay to write several blogs in one day?

My three year old asks many, many, many questions through the day.  Today she saw a Bubble Guppies episode about the planets so a lot of her questions had to do with that.  From behind me in the van today I heard her asking her brother about each planet.  “Why is Mars red?”  “Why is Jupiter big?” and “What is Uranus?”  His answer, quick as a whip “The hole at the bottom of my butt.”  You’d think after so many years with these kids I would know better, but I laughed and partly from surprise.  Since mommy laughed at a butt joke, then that must have been permission to continue with Uranus jokes, and stinky gasses.  One day I will be able to keep my composure and prove I am mature, I will not accidentally laugh at a butt joke!  Then I won’t have to stand in the middle of Walgreens giving stern lectures about no hiney jokes in public.  BTW, I heard that they gave Pluto back it’s status as a planet.  This gives me hope that they let Indigo back into the rainbow because Roy G. BV just doesn’t have the same feel to it.

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