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Marketing Godsend

That is me.  Wrap it in something shiny and glittery and it will catch my eye.  I will circle in closer and closer until I finally pick it up and turn it over in my hands.  I’m much like a … Continue reading

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Mama Bear and the bear of a day

All day today I felt busy, but nothing got done.  My eldest daughter had a big project about Greece due today, complete with a tri-fold presentation board and a replica of the Parthenon done in Legos.  I helped carry her … Continue reading

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Fruits of my labor

My littlest baby turned 4!  How did that happen?  She’s supposed to still be sleeping in a crib and blowing raspberries, not making her own decisions and saying things to me like “What’s taking so long?!”  She’s a sassy one, … Continue reading

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The Burning Bush

My dad liked to think of himself as a tough, no-nonsense cop.  We grew up on Dirty Harry movies and he would watch the tv show Cops when dates came by the house.  He is far from being a large … Continue reading

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