Mama Bear and the bear of a day

All day today I felt busy, but nothing got done.  My eldest daughter had a big project about Greece due today, complete with a tri-fold presentation board and a replica of the Parthenon done in Legos.  I helped carry her project into school, speed walking down the hall to beat the late bell.  Then there was an incident with a dead van battery at breakfast and the laundry that is always waiting for me at home.  Some days I just wake up feeling overwhelmed.

Mama Bear came into play when I went to meet my son on his way home from school.  Normally he and his sister walk home together, but she is going to be in the holiday play so she had practice after school.  Every week he pleads with me to let him walk all the way home alone, so today I let him walk more of the route that I did the previous weeks.  Driving down the road I see him in the distance with a couple of other boys and think “oh good, he has some friends he can walk with.”  But then I see one of them poke him in the chest, circling him and trying to look intimidating.  Immediately my blood begins to heat, my heart rate to increase.  How dare they pick on my baby boy?!?  Although really, I know why they singled him out.  He is obnoxious.  He is loud, he has no real internal filter, and for some reason thinks that shouting at other boys is an opening to friendship.  Even so, he is my son and no one is allowed to harm him.  He has no problems with his classmates that know him, and his teachers like him, but this is the second time we’ve had issues with other boys on their route home.  And not the same group of boys either.    I passed by unable to stop with the traffic behind me and he didn’t see me pass either.  I was able to turn around and drive slowly in the same direction he was running with the boys chasing him on their scooters, the vicious scooter gang.  I rolled down my window and called his name and that’s when the boys stopped their scooters and got the classic “oh shit” looks on their faces.  They were caught.  I pulled into our neighborhood and dumped my purse to find a pen, scattering my wallet, phone, and other items across the seat and jumped out of the van.  As I walked towards them Chayton ran to me yelling “Mom, they’re chasing me and hurting me!”  Oh I praise my self-restraint at that moment.  I was short of breath because I was so angry at these boys.  I took my paper to them like some kind of mommy cop and asked their names, which they gave me!  They even helped me spell them correctly!  So obviously I wasn’t dealing with criminal masterminds here.

We got into the van and had to circle our street to get out of the neighborhood and on the way out I saw one of the scooter boys walking at a significantly slower pace.  “Look at his face mom, that’s the face I make when I know I’m in trouble.”  My son’s comment was right on the mark, that boy looked like he was walking to his doom.  We drove back to the school, went into the office, and I gave the secretary the names, which she recognized instantly, and our report.  The principal and vice principal were not in the office but she would talk to one of them in the morning.  Hopefully, it will make the scooter gang think twice about picking on my son again.

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1 Response to Mama Bear and the bear of a day

  1. Dustin says:

    You forget how tough and scary childhood can be when your in that moment

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