Marketing Godsend

That is me.  Wrap it in something shiny and glittery and it will catch my eye.  I will circle in closer and closer until I finally pick it up and turn it over in my hands.  I’m much like a crow in that way.  When I was 12 Caress came out with bars of soap that were scented with “exotic” and “sophisticated” fragrances, “sensuous” even.  I sneaked a bar into my mom’s shopping cart imagining that once I used it I would be floating on a feminine scented cloud that no other 7th grade boy would be able to resist.  Yes, I fall for advertising easily.  Thankfully, at least for my husband, I have yet to fall for all those made for TV ads.  Sometimes though, late at night around three am when nursing my babies and listening to my husband snore, I would watch those tv ads and think “Maybe!”

Going down the Target cleaning isle I stumbled on the Swiffer Sweeper, the one with the commercial that plays that Heart song “What about love” while attracting the dirt that a broom left behind.  I’m very familiar with it because it’s also one of my four year old’s favorite commercials, or at least one that invites a lot of questions from her.  There it was, the packaging even stating “Picks up 50% more dirt, dust, and hair than a broom.”  Great!  Until I tried using it today.  I’m not sure what household they’re talking about.

Two of my hairy culprits

In my house I have an old golden retriever, a husky mix, a little short-haired mixed puppy, three kids, myself, and a husband that I’m sure shares some common ancestry with Sasquatch.  I was picturing dirt and dog hair magically attracted to the swiffer but instead it was pushed around.  I would still need a dustpan and a broom to get up the leftovers.  I can see it being handy in picking up that little bit of dirt that is left after sweeping, the dirt that can’t be swept up no matter what angle you put the dustpan at.  Maybe they mean it picks up 50% more AFTER sweeping?  The only place I can see this as being a viable option over a broom is maybe a single person’s house with one cat, definitely not a house full of kids and activity.  Although my little four year old has fallen in love with it.

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1 Response to Marketing Godsend

  1. Dustin says:

    I think you should start watching Mad Men on Netflix streaming, oh and piper looks much bigger now 🙂

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