Fall is here and so is the fall produce!

I always thought these were just for decoration!

This year I have decided to try out at least two new varieties of squash.  I finally realized a couple years back that there was more to squash than zucchini and pumpkins.  Acorn squash was delicious, even if I had to chase it across the counter and almost lose a couple of fingers.

Carnival Squash and Daughter

At Central Market yesterday I picked up several carnival squash, modeled by my lovely daughter.  I think I will attempt those bad boys on Friday.  I also picked up some lovely grapes and beets, all while answering 103 questions from my daughter.  I know it was 103 questions because I used my handy new Tally app.

Roasted dinner with tomatoes

Tonight I made roasted cornish hens and roasted beets with goat cheese.  I threw in some tiny yellow tomatoes for fun and because my son thinks they’re like candy.  Considering all the real candy we still have from Halloween I think it’s a good change of pace.  I have a new love for beets, especially with goat cheese and the kids are learning to tolerate them, dare I say, even kind of like them?  Although my boy announced “Great, now I’m going to have red poop.”  Tomorrow it’s bolognese and pappardelle pasta,  I enjoy cooking much more in the fall when the temps are finally starting to cool down.

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  1. cynthia jones says:

    yup, beet poop- it is a positive thing to stain our insides that way!

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