Say Cheese!

I have 5 active subscribers to my blog now!  3 if you discount myself and my husband.  My newest subscriber joined a couple of days ago, a person wanting to remain anonymous.  I get so giddy and excited when I get that email from WordPress alerting me.  The most recent subscriber listed their name as “Someone,” intriguing!  From Denver, Colorado even!  Then I read the email address – alookstwice@somethingsomething.something.  So welcome to my blog, Mom!  Love you!

I have a big front tooth.  Even the baby tooth was big, big enough that it had to be extracted and passed around the dentist’s office for everyone to marvel at this huge front tooth.  When I push my tongue forward in my mouth I can feel the other teeth cowering behind it.  I don’t know if it was a slight case of body dysmorphia but I felt like if I smiled the tooth would take over the photo and people would only be able to marvel at this huge tooth jutting out of my mouth.  Actually, it’s probably not as big as I think it is, but it’s something that I worried over for years.  To compensate I would try to only take pictures with my mouth in a tight-lipped smile.  I also worried about having a double chin, so imagine all these things going through my mind every time someone said “Let’s take a picture!”  The resulting photos had me looking at best uncomfortable, at worst, constipated.

One day I had a revelation, close to what Oprah might call an “Aha!” moment.  I was looking through some photos and found a picture that someone managed to take of me while I was smiling and unaware of the camera, I looked pretty.  I wasn’t trying to stretch my neck to avoid a double chin or hiding a smile.  I did have a slight chin thing going on, but I noticed that it didn’t matter as much, I had more cheekbones when I smiled.  My eyes were crinkled and friendly, and that tooth that I thought would dominate the photo was almost unnoticeable.  It’s taken 36 years, but I think I finally kinda like my smile.


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  1. work2ride says:

    Take a look at your dashboard page hits versus subscribers, it won’t show those following via RSS –

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