Season’s Greetings!

13 days until Christmas!  Shopping for my side of the family is done, yeehaw!  I don’t think that has ever happened.  My mom visited over the weekend and took all my presents for my part of the family with her, which really cuts down on shipping, and cuts out all that delay due to my procrastinating.  This weekend was another craft fair where two of my friends and I attempt to sell something to the public, and fail to make a dollar.  As Patsy put it “The good news is we don’t have to worry about a pesky money exchange!”  My own crafts were chalkboards.

I did sell two boards at the first craft show, one already made and a special order.  Neither venue would be considered ideal for selling items so I may try to put my boards up on Etsy.  I made them for kids in our families last year and they get a lot of use.  I love the feeling of painting, I’m not the most talented out there, but there’s something about the way the rollers push the paint across the board and creating something new out of plain old boards.  It’s a good outlet, but as of right now I have a dozen or so boards sitting around waiting for a good home.

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