Happy New Year!


Merry Belated Christmas too!  This has to have been the busiest holiday season yet.  Family visitors, parties, after-school activites and barely any time to rest.  At one point I looked at my calendar and realized I didn’t have a free weekend until January 6th, then earlier today my husband’s dad announced a surprise visit for the weekend of January 6th!  We are more than excited to finally have his dad visit our home for the first time, we’ve lived here eleven years, it just means my next “free” weekend is moved back a week.


I made a couple of resolutions this year, the first is to try to become healthier overall.  Try to eat better, and just make small steps to a stronger me.  I noticed I’m becoming winded going up and down my stairs and that’s just not right.  I shouldn’t be doing that at my age.  My second resolution is to blog more often, hone my writing skills.  I stumbled across a way I want to tackle that.  It’s called Project 366, taking a picture everyday to document a year in our life.  I’ll mostly be using my iPhone to tackle since it’s almost permanently connected to me somehow, this article is good inspiration.  I’m trying to squeeze in this post before midnight so I don’t break my resolution before I even start, so without further ado, my first 366 photo:

New Year's Pasta Dinner

P.S.  After editing, I’m around 10 minutes late but in the spirit of the season, I’m on time.


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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. You are on New Mexico time!! Happy New Year!!! love,cj

  2. Ian C says:

    Project 366 sounds awesome! It makes me wish I still used an iPhone so I could use Instagram everyday. Best of luck with the photos – I’m looking forward to seeing them!

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