Holi-daze, and we’re not done yet!

First things first, my 366 photo:

5/366 - Buddies

Today is a beautiful day, one of those days that almost makes me ok with not having snow over the winter, almost.  It’s 68 and sunny with the tiniest of breezes outside.  The perfect day to play in the park.  I’m tempted to go back to the park after the older two are out of school but we have a guest coming in and I need to do my flurry of last minute cleaning.  Which is why I’m here blogging right now, ever the procrastinator.   I still need to get the 4 year old pictures done of my baby, especially since she turned 4 in October.  I’m feeling a little inspired to tackle them on my own instead of going to a studio.  I’d be willing to pay $10 for my own props if I can get some good pictures without the crazy studio pricing.  Whether or not my kids would cooperate with me is another question.  I have to be very sneaky with the camera to get natural shots, otherwise I get funny faces and tongues sticking out.

Son's "Cod Face"

Case in point is my son’s cod face picture.  In order to get all the kids looking in the same direction and without making a goofy face I need to threaten them with taking away a DS or TV.  For every good picture I have of them all looking at the camera I can guarantee that it wasn’t the first, or second picture I took of them.  Although I was quite proud and tickled with their Santa picture, they all smiled and there were no tears this year!  Last year’s photo had my three year old crying and the other two smiling like nothing was going on next to them.   I tried to take some photos at my daughter’s Christmas show and those were not so pretty.

These are the usual results of my pictures of the three of them.

Take 1:  My eldest is looking off to the distance, dreaming of better days, my youngest is forcing a big “Cheez!!” smile and my son looks like he’s scared Krampus is coming to take him away and is clinging on to his sister for dear life.





Take 2:  I said pose in front of the tree, but I didn’t say how!  The son looks better here, but the whole picture for some unknown reason makes me think this is The Blair Witch Project 3 – Santa Strikes.  Maybe I read and watch too much horror.





Take 3:  We’re standing again and I figured this was as good as it would get.  They are all smiling and looking in the same direction, the oldest has some slouching action going on but I’m happier with it.  There was also a line forming behind me and other choir people kept running in front of the camera.


Even though I threaten and occasionally get frustrated when my son insists on bunny ears or my daughter’s eyes wander to the side I still enjoy the “bad” pictures later because they tell a story of my kids.  They are cute, but they’re also goofy, silly and inspiring little people.

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