Prodigal Grandpa?

#6 of 366 - Dinner with Grandpa

Today my father-in-law flew into town and boy were his arms tired!  This trip is the first meeting between my younger two and their grandpa and so far it has gone really well.  Apparently he’s not as scary as my dad because my littlest didn’t cry when he talked to her.  We’re not sure what spurred him in deciding to visit us, but we’re happy he did and the kids are soaking in all the grandparent time they can this season.  We went to Salt Lick, a famous Austin BBQ place which serves it’s smoked delicious meats family style and returns often to make sure nothing runs out before you want it to.  It’s always a hit with visitors, especially those that watch a lot of Food Network.  I think tomorrow we’re hitting up Round Rock Donuts.  Yay for guests!

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