Something Wicked…

This Christmas my husband gave me two tickets to see Wicked, and I am so excited!  I’m going to make it into a date night with my oldest daughter, dinner and then the show.  I read the book by Gregory Maguire several years ago and loved the take he took on the classic.  I have to admit that I never actually saw the original Wizard of Oz movie or read the book by L. Frank Baum which is a sin in some peoples eyes I’m sure.  I did have to ask my husband questions about the movie to get a comparison, but I found the book very enjoyable without the original versions.  I liked it enough that I went out and bought several more of Maguire’s books also based on other well known fairy tales.  In preparation I bought the soundtrack from iTunes and have been listening to it in the van for a couple of days now.  Today as we drove home from the park “Defying Gravity” was playing and from behind me I heard an echo, my four year old was trying her best to sing like Elphaba.   The soundtrack is amazing, I can foresee driving my husband nuts with it.  I already burst out into song but I don’t really have the voice talents and haven’t memorized the words yet so it is a frightening thing.  I have also read many great reviews on the show and the special effects.  We saw The Lion King several years ago and that was magic to me, beautiful colors and music, and the way they were able to convey a stampede on stage was amazing.  I was in the drama club for a bit in high school and our biggest effect at the time was to turn paper mache pumpkins into a big carriage face that a couple of props people held up from behind and walked across the stage.  Some flashing lights and a little fog machine were going off while we lifted the flat carriage up and *poof* – magic!  I can’t even imagine the kind of work that goes into a production like Wicked or The Lion King, definitely a bigger fog machine I bet.

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4 Responses to Something Wicked…

  1. AddyB says:

    It’s AMAZING! Phenomenal. You’re going to love it. I saw it a year ago a d was blown away!

  2. Dustin says:

    Wicked was my first professional musical to see and in NYC on top of that, but that was a luck lottery win. You will love it!

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