Kids are strange

I found a box of store brand tooth brushes that had suction cups on the end of them.  It’s to suction them to the mirror or the counter in order to keep track of them or not let them fall on the bathroom floor.  This box had several brushes and I intended to let my youngest use them since the older two have transitioned into motorized brushes and the little one tends to lose hers.  I would always have some on hand, how convenient!  One day I walk into the bathroom and noticed the older two had found my stashed box of suction toothbrushes, I know they found them because there was a mini forest of colorful brushes suctioned to the counter top.  Great.  I figure, probably wrongly but I can hope, that they haven’t used the brushes or gotten them dirty so I unsuction all the brushes and put them back into the box and put the box up into the cabinet.  A couple of hours later I open the door to the same bathroom and am greeted with what looks like a brightly colored kinder iron maiden.  For some unknown reason one of the older kids suctioned each of the brushes to the inside of the bathroom door, why?  I’ll never know.  I have three kids that do stuff like this, three.

My husband was helping the eldest clean her room when he found one of her dolls hanging herself with a shoelace.  He asked why she was hanging and my daughter responded with “Her friends died so she had to die too.”  So not only are the strange, but kids can be down right creepy too.  I do remember my own mother asking me “Why would you do that?” so maybe it just runs in the family.

Won't somebody think of the children?!? 16/366

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