Holy Sweet Limes Batman! And Procrastination…

I finally got our Christmas tree down!  It was a couple of days ago, but today I vacuumed up the pine needles and put up more of the other decorations.  I do believe that was the driest Christmas tree to date, we were too scared to even turn on the lights towards the end.  My husband is Catholic so our decorations don’t come down until after the Epiphany, which is when the Magi visited the infant Jesus.  I’m not Catholic, but I do enjoy having an excuse to keep our decorations up longer.  Although we really should have taken them down right after the seventh of January, but that would have been efficient and that’s just not how I roll.  In fact, there is still one more stocking hanging on the mantle.  I’ll get to that tomorrow or Monday when the kids are in school.

Not my cartoon, but illustrates me perfectly.

Today we worked on my eldest child’s science fair project.  It was assigned before Christmas break but as a family of procrastinators I feel we really pull together as a whole when we have a big project to do in one weekend.  At least I did order her supplies ahead of time so we had most of the materials on hand.  Last year we made ice cream in a freezer bag sealed inside another freezer bag that was filled with ice and salt and tossed around for an hour.  It was yummy and earned her a second place ribbon.  This year she wanted to try out miracle berries.  The easiest way to get them in the states is in pill form.

Miracle Berries

The berries are dried, powdered and pressed into pill shapes.  The pills are supposed to dissolve on your tongue and then sour items with suddenly taste very sweet!  We bought ours from our favorite online store, thinkgeek.com.  We did a good bit of our Christmas shopping from there as we tend to be geeky and a lot of our family goes that way too.  We ate several fruits before and after having a tablet so my daughter could get some data.  It’s one thing to hear that sour fruit tastes sweet and quite another to experience it.  The limes and lemons were most dramatic, they tasted like super sweet lime and lemon -ades.

Eating a lime after the berry.

Eating a lime before the miracle berry

Tomorrow is the display board and writing down her results.  That’s all stuff she can do on her own.  One downside is that while my mouth was thinking all that lemon and lime juice tasted great, my stomach wasn’t fooled and knew full well that I was taking in large amounts of acid.  I should have bought some Tums.

Nerf Throwdown 21/366

What’s cuter than a tiny girl in her brother’s hockey gear ready for a fight?

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