Rainy Day

Today started dark and rainy.  The sun had a tough time breaking through the clouds and fog so all I wanted to do was snuggle in for the day and sleep.  However, having a four year old at home doesn’t make that a viable option.  Instead I decided we could make some shaped crayons

First step is to gather all the broken crayons around the house, we have lots.  We also have several boxes of whole crayons since we stock up when they go on sale at the beginning of the school year.  I learned that it is easiest to take a sharp blade of some sort and make a slice down the paper wrapper to take off the label before trying to break them into smaller pieces.  Of course I didn’t come to this realization until I’d already picked and pealed half the little crayons chunks.  I used a silicon cube tray from IKEA, cheap and they come in cute shapes.  Now I am a smart person, but sometimes I can be somewhat daffy, like the whole peeling itty bitty crayons.  I googled whether or not it would be safe to use that particular tray in the oven and the first two responses said yes so I went for it.  Turns out they are definitely not supposed to be used in the oven and mine was smelling a little funky, but no sign of melting yet so disaster averted.  If I had read further on I would have found more articles telling me not to do this.  Live and learn.  I made these types of crayons before, but back then I used a muffin tray and paper cups but I wanted to try making the puzzle shape.


I let her choose the color scheme of each crayon and tried not to extoll the virtues of color coordination.  She did a good job on her own.


So excited!


Yes, we were in our jammies most of the day.  She was thrilled with the entire process, well, except for when I was peeling all the small chunks before I figured out the paper slicing. 



Into the oven at 250 degrees for around 10 minutes-ish.  At least I was smart enough to use parchment and a cookie sheet in case of a melting tray.



Let it set up for a bit, then put the mold into the fridge or freezer for around 10 minutes to set harder.  We were too excited and didn’t let them set hard enough so a couple of puzzle pieces broke.



Puzzle Crayons on a Rainy Day 46/366

According to Maddie these crayons were the best and more awesome than the regular box crayons.  I consider that a success!






After all that it was nice that dinner was easy.  We had some of my husband’s yummy chicken mole left over from a chocolate dinner we attended over the weekend.  This tortilla was just happy to be there so I had to find a way to include him into the post.



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  1. that tortilla is better than the miracle-Jesus-face!

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