Best. Park. Ever. (At least in this area)

My post is a whole day late!  But I did take the picture yesterday so it still counts as my Project 366 picture a day photo, and I will not be convinced otherwise.  This week is spring break!  I feel like we’ve been going nonstop again, even with sports and their religious education classes canceled for the week.  Yesterday we visited a brand-spanking new park here in town, the Play for All Abilities Park.  The park is designed for all abilities, with special swings, sensory areas, as well as the more typical play scapes.  I believe that with guidance the kids can also learn to respect those that aren’t built the same as them.

Seated merry-go-round.





This swing reminds me of when he was a little guy in his new big boy car seat.







My little one and her buddy, I love the contrast between them, yin and yang almost.  There is a large, shaded sand pit at the park, who doesn’t love one of those?!?




A big swing large enough for a pile of boys or a full grown mommy, I know this for a fact.  This park encouraged play so well, I would often spot my kids running wildly with other kids that were not part of our group.  Even my oldest that will hide in the topmost corner of a restaurant playground to avoid any physical activity was running around!


The park includes a mini-town with replicas of local businesses.  My kids enjoyed pretending to buy slushies from Wag-a-Bag.




Our group for the day.





Son keeping it cool in school.







She was framed!

Project 366, number 73

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