Happy Pi Day!

Today started with a visit to my friend Brandi’s house to make leprechaun traps and eat rainbow pancakes in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.  Brandi put out a bunch of recycled materials and extra crafting supplies and we provided boxes as well, then we let the kids have at it.  They were all very creative, with little to no direction from us.















My husband is an engineer and my kids excel at math, so they get pretty excited for “Pi Day.”  Since we’ve been cruising around quite a bit for spring break I didn’t get a chance to prepare a special pie dinner.  Plus I had made chicken pies just a bit ago so I couldn’t go there again so soon.  My pie repertoire is very slim when it comes to dinners and my husband gave up sweets for Lent so on a whim we decided to try a new place – Boomerang’s Handheld Aussie Pies.  I got the Traditional Beef Pie with a Floater, the floater is a large serving of mashed potatoes with brown savory gravy.  It’s served on top of the pie, but I ordered mine on the side.  The beef pie was similar in flavor to the Shepard’s Pie my mom used to make with the ground beef and Worcestershire flavor, it was foreign and nostalgic at the same time.  I had to borrow a picture courtesy of Boomerang’s website since it wasn’t until I was half way through my pie that I a realized I had forgotten to take a picture.

Mine came without cheese.  The pie gets to the counter hot with a light flaky crust.  The small size is deceiving, it is very filling!  Ha – filling, unintentional puns are the best.  In addition to the dinner pies they also serve breakfast pies and dessert pies.


Between the kids and myself we split the buttermilk pie and the chocolate chip pie.  My part of the chocolate chip pie is still in the fridge, but only for lack of room in my tummy.  This picture is my own, I remembered to take it before the pie was made unphotogenic, if that’s a word.




To continue the Pi Day celebration we decided to take my husband to see the new park we visited yesterday.

My three Sweetie-Pies.

74/366, Project 366

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1 Response to Happy Pi Day!

  1. iggygus says:

    always in pursuit of healthy eating, I get a lot of stuff about nutrition on here. Somebody sent something awhile back about how we shouldn’t combine carbs and fruit. Fine, I thought, but wait-a-minute- that means no pie!! That engaged the songwriter in me- “I would rather die if I can’t have pie!.” Your piece made me think of that. love, Synthia (changed my name-spell because I like the prefix)

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