Boobs on it!!

Today as we, my youngest and I, were pulling out of the driveway my daughter very excitedly yells “Mark’s yard has boobs on it!!”  I whipped my head around in a big WTF kind of way, because why would our neighbor have boobs on his front lawn?

"Boobs on it" 86/366

When she is trying to speak deliberately she will say “bwoo bonnet,” she has trouble with the L still.  It made me realize that I had not taken a picture of any bluebonnets, and when you live in central Texas, it’s all about the bluebonnets in spring.  How can I have a 366 project and not include a picture of a bluebonnet?  We saw more on our way home later in the day and she had to point out all the flower patches “The world has a wot of boobs on it!!”  Yes it does, yes it does.

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