Little Hummingbird and Mapo Tofu! Post for 3/29

Spring is here, and that means the hummingbirds come out to play.

My Little Hummingbird

For dinner we went to my current favorite Chinese restaurant, Sichuan Garden.  I could very possibly eat there every day, but my family would get tired of it.  I love the mapo tofu, it is warm and soft, spicy and homey comfort food.  Which is odd since I grew up no where near China, nor close to any kind of China Town.  Maybe in a past life.  It translates into something like “Pockmarked-face Lady’s Tofu” and has large soft cubes of tofu in a spicy, bean-based sauce with minced pork.

House special spicy chicken, green beans, and mapo tofu.

Close up of my tofu in all its glistening goodness.

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