April 2 through 6 – Still sick!

93/366 My sickie corner.

94/366 Space Station

I sneaked into my son’s room and snapped a shot of his work table.  This is where the LEGO magic happens, as well as Tinker Toys.


95/366 Sleeping again

96/366 Sleepwalker

Even though her eyes are open she is completely asleep.  She came down the stairs so I sent her to the potty.  Once there she kept turning the water on and off when she wanted to sit on the toilet so she was full on sleep walking.  My oldest would do some sleepwalking, but mostly she would meander slowly downstairs and then stare at us.  This little one though will talk to you and seem like she is wide awake.  I used to do that as a kid and I’ve heard that sleepwalking can be hereditary.

97/366 Odd fish stuck in that tank!

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