Over the weekend

103/366 Thursday

My tomato plant started showing some progress.  I am so excited for these little tomatoes, they are the tiny “Yellow Plum” variety.  The grocery store sells them for over $3 for a little pint of them.  Two of my kids love them so if this plant, which I have named Fred, even gives me one pint I will consider it a success.  I bought him for only $1.67

104/366 Friday

Friday we went shopping for another friend’s baby shower.  It is definitely more difficult to fight off baby fever with cute babies and pregnancies all around me!  This is my friend’s son, he is such a happy little cutie.

105/366 Saturday

Early Saturday afternoon my husband asked me what I wanted to do for the day and my daughter says “My recital is at 3.”  Yes, we completely forgot about the recital, but thankfully it was far enough away that we made it in plenty of time.  She did wonderfully too, she had a more difficult piece of music and was supposed to memorize it this time.  At home all she has to practice on is an old keyboard with no pedals and lacking the proper number of keys.  I told her to pretend that she had pedals while practicing.  Despite that, she managed to pull off a great performance.  Too bad my iPhone decided to record without sound!

106/366 Sunday

Today I helped give a baby shower, for my part I made some mini-quiches and brought the water.  Another big thanks to Pinterest for the water.  My son loves it, he says it’s very refreshing.  It’s half a sliced cucumber, a sliced lemon, and a small bunch of mint.  Let it sit overnight or at least a few hours before serving.

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