A day at the fair, Friday 4/10

Last Friday afternoon the elementary school had its annual fundraising fair.  We go every year and the kids have a lot of fun.  They look forward to it every year so at this point I don’t think skipping it would be an option.

Usually they have a climbing wall but this year it was a magnetic wall.  It sounds easy, but it actually look really difficult.  The kids were huffing and puffing after finally making it to the top, they have to coordinate their legs and arms as well as pull these powerful magnets off the wall to climb another step higher.

Who doesn’t love pony rides?!?  She’s a natural, once she decided that the ponies weren’t as scary as she used to think they were.   She was so scared of the horses and ponies at one time, which makes sense because they are large animals with big black eyes.  What didn’t make sense was the fact that my son never had any fear of ponies or elephants at the circus, yet he would scream in terror at the cute baby bunnies in the pet store.  Ferrets were okay, cats were fine, but soft fluffy baby bunnies…

Baby chicken in the petting zoo.  I have mixed feeling in regard to petting zoos, mainly this type of petting zoo.  I think kids like mine that are surrounded by suburbs need an opportunity to meet animals.  Too many kids are growing up without any connection to the animal world other than their dogs.  These zoos make me so nervous though because of the lack of attention from parents.  My four year old yelled at an older boy to stop running at the animals and scaring them.  One little girl was literally throwing a duck into a pail of water repeatedly.  Her grandma only stopped her when she started trying to throw the baby chicks, as in chickens, into the pail.  I don’t quite have the nerve that my mom had yet, she saw some buys throwing rocks at the geese in the pond.  She went up to them and asked how they would like it if she threw rocks at them, they probably thought my mom looked like she would too because they stopped pretty quickly.

A girl and her chicken.

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1 Response to A day at the fair, Friday 4/10

  1. iggygus says:

    Don’t get me started about bad parenting. Yay for your mom!!! You had impeccable role-modelling coming up, and its no wonder your kids are sensitive and conscious. They will be teaching it to the world, hopefully!

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