Summer Vacation Pt 1

Yesterday we started the first leg of our first summer vacation. Traveling by car has become much more pleasant since we got the minivan three years ago. We have movies, books, and a couple toys to keep the kids busy. It still doesn’t decrease the number of times a four year old asks “are we almost there?”

20120527-071059.jpg We saw this old car and a bunch more like it outside a Ruby Tuesday in Springfield MO, it was some kind of rally and people were setting up chairs in anticipation for a parade. I bet this car doesn’t have air conditioning.

20120527-071314.jpg We spent the night at a Hilton Express, few frills but they have clean rooms and free breakfast, not to mention a pool open until 10 PM.

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1 Response to Summer Vacation Pt 1

  1. Dustin says:

    Everyone likes a good woody (the car)

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