A day at the fair, Friday 4/10

Last Friday afternoon the elementary school had its annual fundraising fair.  We go every year and the kids have a lot of fun.  They look forward to it every year so at this point I don’t think skipping it would be an option.

Usually they have a climbing wall but this year it was a magnetic wall.  It sounds easy, but it actually look really difficult.  The kids were huffing and puffing after finally making it to the top, they have to coordinate their legs and arms as well as pull these powerful magnets off the wall to climb another step higher.

Who doesn’t love pony rides?!?  She’s a natural, once she decided that the ponies weren’t as scary as she used to think they were.   She was so scared of the horses and ponies at one time, which makes sense because they are large animals with big black eyes.  What didn’t make sense was the fact that my son never had any fear of ponies or elephants at the circus, yet he would scream in terror at the cute baby bunnies in the pet store.  Ferrets were okay, cats were fine, but soft fluffy baby bunnies…

Baby chicken in the petting zoo.  I have mixed feeling in regard to petting zoos, mainly this type of petting zoo.  I think kids like mine that are surrounded by suburbs need an opportunity to meet animals.  Too many kids are growing up without any connection to the animal world other than their dogs.  These zoos make me so nervous though because of the lack of attention from parents.  My four year old yelled at an older boy to stop running at the animals and scaring them.  One little girl was literally throwing a duck into a pail of water repeatedly.  Her grandma only stopped her when she started trying to throw the baby chicks, as in chickens, into the pail.  I don’t quite have the nerve that my mom had yet, she saw some buys throwing rocks at the geese in the pond.  She went up to them and asked how they would like it if she threw rocks at them, they probably thought my mom looked like she would too because they stopped pretty quickly.

A girl and her chicken.

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Picture and post catch up time, again.

Really, I have no excuse this time for being so far behind on posting my pictures.  I got over my illness and simply lost steam and wasn’t able to focus on my blog, that, and my husband introduced me to Reddit.  Now that is a big time suck.  I’ll start where I left off, last Monday, 4/16.  I made a white bean soup that turned out great, except that my beans were mostly cooked.  I thought I could get by with the same quick soak that I use with pinto beans, there were even instructions on the bag for the quick soak.  Next time I will soak overnight and hopefully I will avoid the odd bean that is still slightly crunchy.


There are several steps to this soup, but it is easy.  I used kale for the leafy green, which I find to be unendurable in a smoothie but quite yummy in this soup.  The recipe also calls for only a 1/4 cup of tomato paste but I hate having those little cans floating around my fridge so I threw in the whole can and got a more tomato based soup.  You can find the recipe at the Nourishing Gourmet site.  It’s tasty, healthy, and easy on the wallet.  Kids didn’t love it the first time they had it, but it’s something I can see them enjoying as their palates get used to it.


My daughter’s crooked pointer finger, only on one hand and she’s had that since birth.



We finally invested in a digital piano.  No longer does she have to pretend to use a pedal when she practices, and she also now has a full 88 keys.


I started this puzzle over Christmas break, then it sat on the table for a couple months.  I had to wipe some dust off before I started again.  I hope to finish this before summer break, main word in there is “hope.”  I already see a lot of progress from when I took this picture.

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Alone in a Crowd?

My husband is Catholic, I am not. My parents are both ex-Catholics with varying degrees of dislike towards the church. My mom sometimes misses the tradition of it, going to midnight mass and Easter service, but doesn’t feel comfortable with religious politics. My dad was just bitter. I was never baptized and neither was my sister, but that didn’t mean that I never prayed to God in times that seemed desperate – “Please God, don’t let the attendance dean call the house tonight,” or some such thing. I was more covering my bases than actually praying to a specific higher being. As we were becoming more serious as a couple I explained to my husband that I may never convert, but I would not stand in the way of him teaching any children we may have his religion. Now days I will sometimes go to church with them, every Christmas I go, and most Easters. I actually just missed my first Easter service since being with my husband, but he encouraged me to sleep in that day. Later that day my son came up to me and we had the following conversation,

“Why don’t you go to church mom?”

“I am not Catholic, you guys are. I was never even baptized.”

“You weren’t baptized?!?!?” He was pretty shocked about that.


He thought on it for a moment. “So because you weren’t baptized, then it’s like you’re alone in this community. You are surrounded by people in church, but you’re not like them because you aren’t Catholic or baptized so you’re with a lot of people in the building but not part of them. You’re sitting alone.”

Up to this point I had been doing other stuff while talking to him, but I had to put it down as I was floored by his perfect understanding. I looked him in the eye and told him that was a brilliant observation and great thinking on his part. We tend to only half listen to our kids, and it’s understandable because there is a lot to do in a day, and I can only give my full attention to so many knock-knock jokes before going batty. But moments like this remind me that between his beloved fart and fecal jokes, he does have a beautiful working mind.

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Over the weekend

103/366 Thursday

My tomato plant started showing some progress.  I am so excited for these little tomatoes, they are the tiny “Yellow Plum” variety.  The grocery store sells them for over $3 for a little pint of them.  Two of my kids love them so if this plant, which I have named Fred, even gives me one pint I will consider it a success.  I bought him for only $1.67

104/366 Friday

Friday we went shopping for another friend’s baby shower.  It is definitely more difficult to fight off baby fever with cute babies and pregnancies all around me!  This is my friend’s son, he is such a happy little cutie.

105/366 Saturday

Early Saturday afternoon my husband asked me what I wanted to do for the day and my daughter says “My recital is at 3.”  Yes, we completely forgot about the recital, but thankfully it was far enough away that we made it in plenty of time.  She did wonderfully too, she had a more difficult piece of music and was supposed to memorize it this time.  At home all she has to practice on is an old keyboard with no pedals and lacking the proper number of keys.  I told her to pretend that she had pedals while practicing.  Despite that, she managed to pull off a great performance.  Too bad my iPhone decided to record without sound!

106/366 Sunday

Today I helped give a baby shower, for my part I made some mini-quiches and brought the water.  Another big thanks to Pinterest for the water.  My son loves it, he says it’s very refreshing.  It’s half a sliced cucumber, a sliced lemon, and a small bunch of mint.  Let it sit overnight or at least a few hours before serving.

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Pulp Science Fiction

Just do as the Battle Droid says and no one will get hurt.


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April 9th and 10th, and we are caught up!


My 100th picture, only 266 more days to go!  It’s the Lawless LEGO.



My husband gave up fried foods and sweets for Lent, so this fried twinkie is everything he was missing out on in a nutshell.  It was demolished in seconds then all was right with the world.  I am now up to speed on my pictures!  Now comes the time to catch up on all the stuff that went by the wayside while I was convalescing.  I still have the lingering cough, but my mind isn’t in a fog anymore which is a vast improvement.

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Easter! – Finally…

Being sick the full week before Easter really throws off the whole holiday.  We didn’t get a chance to dye our eggs and I didn’t get to finish the Easter Bunny’s baskets, or clean the house, or cut the grass…  Luckily my friend Patsy came to the rescue and invited us to spend Easter with her family and it turned out great.  Who cares if we have a bowl full of white boiled eggs in our fridge.  Patsy’s family colored enough eggs for everybody.  We threw in some plastic eggs filled with chocolate for our part.

Chocolate bird nests my husband and I made for the party.  Thank you Pinterest!

Easter action shot!

Not one of my own kids, but I like the action in this picture.  We had 80-some eggs and they were found in minutes.

Showing off their spoils.

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